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This is money back guaranteed treatment, if you are not cured we will return your money subject to terms and conditions. In most cases sneezing will start coming down in the first day itself. In a week time it comes down considerably and in most cases in two three weeks you will get at least 80% relief.  Everybody will be fully relieved from the sneezing in one to three months time.   Normally we admit the patient for a period of 2-3 weeks. This natural/herbal treatment for  sneezing aims at total cure in a short time. Our treatment removes nasal blocks, and removes the causes of allergy.  Our treatment is divided in to two parts, detoxification therapy including panchakarma techniques and internal/external medicines. We use different Panchakarma techniques such as massage using special medicated oil, Nasyam,  medicated steam, vamana and virechana as per requirement plus internal and external medication.  We are using pure ayurvedic/herbal/natural medicines for the treatment of sneezing. Our treatment is the best natural medicine/therapy for sneezing. You can go to our testimonials page, there you can see the patients experience with their names and address, (photo if available) some of them may be known to you, or you may have some close friends near to them. You can enquire personally.

 Our challenging offer

If you believe that your sneezing is not curable, come to us, we will cure you. You can even pay after getting the result (no need to pay in the beginning of treatment) for more details regarding this offer visit our challenging offer page.


We are using pure Ayurvedic/herbal/natural medicines for the treatment of Sneezing. Normally Ayurvedic medicines do not have any side effects, at the same time giving additional side benefits to you. We have our own special medicines, and prepares medicines according to the conditions and requirements of the patients. Medicines vary with condition of the patient. We have our own Medicine Manufacturing unit, having GMP Certificate. We use quality materials for the manufacture of these quality medicines.

Benefits of our treatment

  1. Normally patients will feel much better in one or two days.  They will feel relaxed and their mind becomes more peaceful.
  2. It improves your immune power.
  3. If you treat it in time, it helps to avoid allergic Asthma.
  4. This is a cure not a temporary control.
  5. Eosinophilia level becomes normal within a few days.
  6. Itching in the eyes if any will be cured.
  7. Our treatment is free from side effects.
  8. Our treatment will help you to remove the side effects of medicines that you have taken earlier.

Duration of the treatment

Normally the patient have to undergo the therapy for two or three weeks, and continue the medications for at least six months. Rare cases the duration may increase. A full checkup just before starting the treatment and immediately after the treatment will help you to evaluate the treatment, and gives you more satisfaction.

What is sneezing?

It is a semi-autonomous expulsion of air from the lungs through the nose and mouth, mainly caused by foreign particles irritating the nasal mucosa or throat. The main causes of sneezing include allergy to pollen, mold, dust, dander , air pollution, dry air etc….We have special treatment for sneezing. We will admit you for 2 or 3 weeks. In most cases the first day itself you get relief. As it has been observed in most cases, they will be cured within one or two weeks. You have to continue the medicine for 6 months to 1 year depends on the condition of the patient. This is required to purify the body and to boost the immune power of the patient.

If you are a patient seeking quality healthcare at affordable prices!.