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Our treatment is divided in to two parts, detoxification therapy and medicine. Detoxification is having much importance in our treatment for Sleep Apnea. We use different Panchakarma techniques to remove the toxins. We are using special medicines for this purpose. Normally within a week, you will not feel much problem, there may be attacks, but the number of attacks and severity will come down to a nominal level, in the second week, rarely there may be attacks, and in the 3rd week you will not feel any discomfort and at the end you will not have any more problems, snoring will most probably over at the end of second week itself. Normally we are giving 21 days therapy, rare cases it may take some more time, all depends on the condition of the patient.


We are using pure Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of Sleep Apnea. We always prepare and give medicines, which are suitable to the patient’s requirements. We have our own Medicine Manufacturing unit, having GMP Certificate. We use quality materials for the manufacture of these quality medicines.

Benefits of our treatment

  1. More than 80% of the patients will not feel any sleep disruption with in a weeks time.  You can feel the difference daily and after one week there is rare chance of apnea.
  2. More than 95% people will be cured within 21 days.  Others may take some more time.  The speed of recovery depends on many factors including the severity of the problem, the age of the patient, how long the patient is suffering from,  other medicines they are using at the moment to treat other ailments etc..
  3. Our medications for Sleep Apnea   will help to remove toxins, remove tension on the neck muscles.
  4. If you have snoring and nasal block, we will cure that too.
  5. You, your family and sometimes your neighbors too find it as a blessing; nobody likes any sort of disturbance while sleeping.
  6. You will feel energetic and power full, feel peace of mind and able to enjoy your life.
  7. There is no risky operation or use of machine or exercise.

Duration of the treatment

Normally more than 95% of the patient will be cured within three weeks, others may take some more time. Everybody have to continue the medications for at least 6 months. Rare cases the duration may increase.

What is Sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a common disorder in which there will be pauses in breathing. It may last from few seconds to minutes. This may happen many times in sleeping. This results in daytime sleepness, poor concentration, slow reflexes, increase accidents etc.. It may cause high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, overweight, etc…

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