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We are the only one hospital in the world giving a money back guaranteed treatment for heart blocks.  Within 3 to 6 months time blocks will gradually melt and disappear, rare cases it may take some more time. Even if there are multiple blocks, and most of them are in between 90% to 100%, our treatment will helps to remove all of these blocks in a short time. Arteries become narrow, if there is buildup of fatty matter, calcium, proteins, and inflammatory cells in the arteries to form plaques. Our treatment helps in removing these blocks gradually. This treatment is free from side effects. The patients can continue the current medication while undergoing our treatment, for the time being. There is no open heart surgery or stent (Angioplasty). There is no risk, no pain, easy to administrate and cost effective. Our ayurvedic/herbal/natural medicine will take care of your cholesterol, pulse and blood pressure.  It will reduce  LDL (bad cholesterol) and Triglyceride. It removes the accumulated fat deposit, removes the swelling of the heart, if the arteries and muscles are become hard, it helps in removing the hardness and make them normal, if there is calcification in the arteries, it helps in removing them and make the arteries more elastic.  This treatment is the best choice for all heart patients.  Normally within 6 months your blocks will be removed, rare cases it may take some more time.  Once the blocks are removed, you can have a normal life. You can undergo Treadmill Stress Test or Angiogram and make sure that your heart is working well, and there are no more blocks. Once the blocks are removed, there is no need to continue the medicines.  You just check your cholesterol, BP etc… occasionally and   if it is high, just take the medicine for that only.

Normally we admit the patients for a period of 3 weeks, rare cases it may take some more time. Our treatment helps in reducing cholesterol and brings it to normal level. Blood pressure, whether it is high or low, our treatment helps to make it normal.  If your pulse rate is too high or low, our treatment helps to make them normal.   We will make your heart absolutely perfect.   Our treatment is divided in to two parts,  panchakarma (detoxification) therapy plus internal and external medicines. We use different Panchakarma techniques to remove the toxins. We are using special Ayurvedic/herbal/natural medicines for the treatment of heart blocks/heart diseases. This is a four in one treatment (heart blocks, cholesterol, heart beat/ pulse rate and  Blood pressure). It helps in removing swelling in the heart muscles We all knows that prevention is better than cure, with this treatment we can avoid further heart attacks. We are treating all the causes of an attack and helps to prevent further attacks by removing the blocks. You can go to our testimonials page, there you can see the patients experience with their names and address, (photo if available) some of them may be known to you, or you may have some close friends near to them.  You can enquire personally.

Our Treatment plan consists of cleaning these channels of the toxins and prevent further blockages. Toning herbs are also administered to strengthen the heart, cardio-vascular system and the mind. Diet and regimen adjustments are also advised to support treatment and maintain health.

Patients have to do lipid profile test twice in a week initially and once the cholesterol especially triglyceride and LDL are well within the normal limit, do it once in a week while you are here and after returning to home do it weekly and email  the reports to us for further monitoring.


We are using pure Ayurvedic/herbal/natural medicines for the treatment of Heart diseases. Normally Ayurvedic medicines do not have any side effects. We have our own special medicines, and prepares medicines according to the patient’s conditions and requirement. We have our own Medicine Manufacturing unit, having GMP Certificate

Benefits of our treatment

  1. Normally patients will feel much better in one or two weeks.  They will feel relaxed and their mind becomes more peaceful.
  2. Our treatment and medicines are equally good in hyper and hypo (low and high) blood pressure.  It helps to normalize  heart beat rate.
  3. Cholesterol will be controlled and helps to bring it to the normal level.
  4. This treatment will take care of the heart and removes blocks and solves other problems related to Heart.  It helps to avoid Heart attacks. “Prevention is better than cure”.
  5. It helps to prevent  heart failure, avoid stroke, etc..
  6. In our treatment there is no risky operation or like that. It helps to avoid open Heart Surgery and it is 100% safe and protects your Heart and health.
  7. It is highly cost effective.
  8. You can have a normal life and able to enjoy the life without any restrictions.
  9. It helps to normalize blood pressure, normalize heart beat rate and helps to remove blocks if any.  This is Four in One treatment and benefits you much more than your expectations.
  10. You will be able to save your precious time and money, otherwise you have to spend for the treatment.

Duration of the treatment

Normally the patient have to undergo the therapy for three weeks, and continue the medications for three to six  months. Rare cases the duration may increase. A full checkup just before starting the treatment and immediately after the treatment will help you to evaluate the treatment, and gives you more satisfaction.

Things to follow

The patient must avoid anything which increase cholesterol.  In certain cases the patient’s have to control the quantity of foods and drinks. Patients have to do exercise and walking in accordance with their health condition. If cholesterol and triglyceride are very high we will tell you what to eat and how much to eat, you have to strictly follow the diet.  You have to strictly follow our instructions on diet and exercise.

What is Heart Disease (Hrudroga)

‘Heart Disease’ (Hrudroga) is a global phenomenon and is a large term that covers all heart disorders, which affect the heart and it’s functioning. The predisposing factors are hereditary, high blood pressure, diabetes, high serum cholesterol and smoking. The way of living and the way of feeling appear to be quite an important factor in its increasing incidence. Heart block is a problem which occurs in the Heart’s electrical system, which controls rate and rhythm of the Heart beats. Coronary artery disease can cause angina or heart attack.

Arrhythmia is an abnormal rhythm of the heart. There are various types of arrhythmias. The heart can beat too slow, too fast or irregularly.  Bradycardia is a condition in which the heart rate is less than 60 beats per minute and Tachycardia is a condition in which the heart rate is more than 100 beats per minute.

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