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We have two types of treatment for cholesterol, First one is only medication and the second one is panchakarma plus medicines (internal).   Cholesterol level will come down gradually and normally within 3 months time it becomes normal.  It is better to continue the medicines for 6 months. We are using special ayurvedic/herbal/natural medicines for this purpose. Normally we are giving 21 days panchakarma therapy, to reduce cholesterol level. This treatment aims at reducing LDL and Triglyceride.

What is cholestrol

Now-a-days cholesterol has become very common among people. Cholesterol is a waxy fat like substance which is present on the outer layer of every cell of our body. It is produced by the liver and is very much important for the normal functioning of the body. Our body produces the cholesterol that is needed for metabolism besides cholesterol is found in some of the food item that we consume daily. Cholesterol helps in the production of different hormones and also the production of bile. This is the substance that converts the sunshine into vitamin D. High level cholesterol is not good for the health; it might increases the risk of heart attacks as the extra fat in your blood sticks to the walls of arteries. In some people high level of cholesterol runs in their family, it is genetic. No symptoms would be seen one can detect high level cholesterol only through a blood test.

Cholesterol is insoluble in blood, so the blood carries cholesterol in the form of molecules called lipoprotein. Generally there are two types of lipoproteins they are LDL (Low Density cholesterol) and HDL (High Density Cholesterol) LDL is considered as bad cholesterol. LDL is transported from liver to cell if the quantity is high then the it would be too much for the cell to use. This will lead to the accumulation of LDL which can be harmful to health like it increases the risk of arterial diseases. HDL is considered as good cholesterol which lowers the risk of arterial diseases. HDL acts contrary to LDL. The function of the HDL is to take back the excess cholesterol from the cell to the liver, where it either break down or expelled out of the body as waste. Lifestyle is one of the main reasons for the high cholesterol. Intake of food that are high in saturated fat, sedentary life (no exercise), smoking, sleeplessness, alcohol etc increases the probability of getting high level cholesterol. High level cholesterol can cause Atherosclerosis (narrowing of arteries) higher coronary heart disease risk, Angina, Other cardiovascular conditions, Stroke and mini-stroke etc. In Omshree Sidha Hospital we have special herbal medicines for the treatment. Our medication would help you live a “cholesterol free” life.


We are using pure Ayurvedic/herbal/natural medicines for the treatment of cholesterol. We always prepare and give medicines, which are suitable to the patient’s requirements. We have our own Medicine Manufacturing unit, having GMP Certificate. We use quality materials for the manufacture of these quality medicines.

Benefits of our treatment

  1. You can feel the difference daily and after one or two weeks you can check the cholesterol,  and confirm that it is reducing considerably.
  2. More than 90% cases cholesterol becomes normal within 90 days and they can stop medicines.  Others may take some more time.
  3. Our medications for cholesterol will help in keeping the Blood pressure in the normal level.
  4. You will feel energetic and power full, feel peace of mind and able to enjoy your life.

Duration of the treatment

Normally patients have to do panchakarma therapy for  three weeks. Everybody have to continue the medications for 3 to  6 months. Rare cases the duration may increase.

If you are a patient seeking quality healthcare at affordable prices!.