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Aneena Sebastian

Asthma Treatment

My daughter Aneena Sebastian Aged six years was suffering from Asthma and Skin disease. It started when she was only one year old. It started with skin disease (eczema ), we had given medicine for eczema, then immediately she started wheezing and breathing difficulty. We tried Alopathy, Ayurveda and homeopathy. We got temporary relief, and it was recurring. Atleast once in a month it becomes severe. She was using inhaler daily for the last four years. Her condition was worsening . My wife’s friend told her that her son was suffering from severe asthma and was taking medicine from Jose Vaidhyan for one year and now he is alright. We too decided to meet him.

We come to Omshree Sidha Hospital on 14th February and started treatment for Asthma and Eczema. With in a week she improved dramatically. She used inhaler in the first day of the treatment only. There after she never used the inhaler. Now she is 100% alright. Her eczema is also under control Earlier it was all over the body including face. Now she have little bit in the thigh. The rest of the body is clean and scar is also disappearing and she is getting back her original skin lustre.

We are still continuing the medicine, the quantity is reduced, and we are very happy to continue the medicine for one year. In my opinion this treatment is comparatively cheap. Earlier we spend too much money and wasted time on the treatment and the condition was becoming worse. Now we are not spending much and not wasting any time and we think her Asthma is almost cured and eczema is getting cured. We advice everybody to go to Omshree and get permanent cure.

Aneena SebastianThondil H, Kanakary, Kottayam, Kerala, IndiaApril 20, 2016