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Suja Sabu


My name is Suja Sabu. I was suffering from Migraine for more than 2 years. I had sever e headache followed by vomiting. It was only after vomiting i got some relaxation. The problem was recurring several times a month. I have done all possible treatments. Once I was admitted in hospital for 15 days. Unfortunately I hadn’t got any kind of relief. I came to Omshree Sidha Hospital to try my luck. The result was unbelievable! Within a matter of three days they cured me. I am a house wife and is 42 years old. Now I can peacefully do all my works without any tension. I am thankful to Omshree Sidha Hospital and their staff. I know many people having different problems who are getting cured from Omshree and I wish all the best to Omshree.

Suja SabuParathanath H, Vayala, Kottayam Kerala, India.April 20, 2016