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Asthma Treatment

My son Pranav was suffering from Asthma for the last 8 years. He got his first asthma attack when he was 18 months. After that he had admitted in hospitals 3-4 times due to acute asthma and wheezing conditions. At home he was on nebulizers and inhalers..But even after taking all these any time at night wheezing used to increase to maximum and we used to take him to hospital. He used to have continuous running nose whole day but same night he used to have severe nose block and couldn’t breathe. He never used to attend his school regularly. He was on bottles of antibiotics all his years. We tried all therapies..there is nothing left to try.. October 2012 we approached Jose Sir and took 10 days treatment at the centre. While admitting he had wheezing but within 2-3 days he was completely all right and started playing. He was 100% fine when he was discharged. After reaching Bangalore we continued the medication. He used to get cough and slight wheezing. He took the medicine for a year now and leading a normal life. He is regular to his school and his games. Now and then he will get some sneezing, cough all that but you cant find him wheezing. His health is far better while he is in Kerala. I think whatever problem he gets now it’s because of the pollution and the climate here in Bangalore. Doctor Advised me to continue the medication for another 3 to 6 months. We restarted the medication and hops that he will be completely cured with in this time.

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