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P. Radhamani

Asthma Treatment

I am a retired teacher. I was suffering from Asthma for about 50 years. I tried many medicines with the expectation that I will get some relief. Everybody told me that Asthma is not curable, you only get a temporary relief. I hadn’t got any relief. Last October I had a fall and there was a fracture in my leg. My family took me to a hospital and put plaster and gave me some painkillers. I was not healthy – If I take painkiller, I get sedated and becomes tired. We contacted Jose Vaidhyar, with him we discussed about Asthma too. He treated both and within a week , I got relief. Earlier I was using inhaler several times even before getting up from the bed.

I never expected that I will be cured. Now I realise that Asthma can be cured if we get proper medicine. I am not having any more Asthma problems, and I hope that there will not be any more problems in the future as well. I am taking the medicine for the last 8 months and I am happy to continue it for one year or more. This is a wonderful treatment and I advice every Asthma patient to take this medicine at the earliest and get yours elf free from Asthma. At school Jose was my student and I think he had given me the best gift. I know his father and had heard about his grandfather too. They were well known Vaidhyers of that time and Jose is following their food steps. I advice everybody that it is a reliable medicine and any body can use it without any doubt. From my experience I know that you will get immediate relief.

P. RadhamaniChazhiyamattathil, Vayala P.O. Kottayam, Kerala IndiaApril 20, 2016