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Niranjana K.G

Asthma Treatment

My daughter Niranjana, three and a half years old, was suffering from Asthma. Her Asthma attacks were sometimes mild and sometimes severe. It was very difficult for us to watch her when she had an attack. I was giving her medicine from a hospital, it was giving her temporary relief. After some weeks, the attacks start again.

We were upset. One of my friends told me to meet Jose Vaidhyan. I met him and we started treatment in October 2010. With in a month she became completely alright. We continued the medicine for one year. Now she is perfectly healthy and enjoying her childhood, like any normal kid.

That was a great experience and relief for us. My sister in Law too had Asthma treatment form Jose Vaidhyan. She too is alright now. I advised my friends and relatives who have Asthma to take the prescribed medicine. All those who takes this wonderful medicine will definitely be cured.

Niranjana K.GKanjirakkad, Vayala P.o. Kottayam Kerala, IndiaApril 20, 2016