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Dona John

Asthma Treatment

My daughter Dona John, aged 12 years, was suffering from Asthma. I Went to a hospital. They had given her steroids. There wasn’t any improvement, but she began to gain weight considerably. We realised that it was the side effect of the prescribed medicine. We came to Omshree Sidha Hospital on 1st May 2012. Within a week time she got good relief and with in a month she became perfectly alright. She had some skin disease as well, and that was also cured. She is continuing the medicines and it is told that they will reduce the dosage step by step. It is heard that everybody who comes with Asthma in Omshree Sidha Hospital are getting relief and cured. In my opinion, Omshree is the giving the best treatment for many diseases.

Dona JohnAppanchira House, Vayala P.O., Kottayam Kerala, IndiaApril 20, 2016