OmShree Sidha Hospital, Vayala P.O, Kottayam, Kerala 686587, India.

Our guaranteed treatments are subject to terms and conditions.

  • The patient must follow the Doctors instructions. It may vary from patient to patient depending on the condition and illness.
  • The patient must produce recent medical test reports (in English) before starting the treatment. Again on completion, or if required in between, the patient must produce test reports at their own cost.
  • If in any case the patient is not cured 100%, but the patient’s condition improves considerably, the repayment under the money back guarantee scheme will be on pro rata basis.
  • Our liability is limited to the amount that we have received on account of medicine and treatment charges. If any treatment or medicine or any other service we provided on your request will not come under our money back guarantee scheme.
  • All cases will be come under the jurisdiction of Pala Magistrate court.
  • Money back guarantee is applicable only in case of admitted patients. Out patients do not come under money back guarantee scheme.
  • The time period given is tentative and it may vary from patient to patient.
  • If the patient is having multiple problems (more than one ailment), our money back guarantee will not applicable in such cases.
  • If the patient is hiding or not disclosing full details such as the names of ailments (diseases), medical reports, treatments and medicines they are undergoing at the moment, in such cases our money back guarantee scheme will not be applicable.
  • If the patient is still continuing medicine for some other ailment/disease from some other Doctor or Hospital, in such cases our money back guarantee is not applicable.
  • In any case if the patient leaves the treatment in half way, money back guarantee is not applicable in such cases.
  • If in any case the patient’s speed of recovery is not up to the normal expected level, Omshree Sidha Hospital reserves the right to increase the duration of treatment. Generally   the immune power and speed of recovery vary from patient to patient.  The duration given is on an average basis.