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Even though I do not suffer from any ailment, I feel stress and fatigue due to work pressure; does the Hospital provide any treatment for people like me?

Yes of course, Ayurvedic treatment includes relaxation techniques which help to remove toxins, stress and fatigue. This will also help in  improving your immune power, vitality etc.

You are providing guaranteed treatment for a number of ailments, does it mean that you will cure it within a fixed time?

Duration of the treatment vary from patient to patient and time required to cure the patients vary from patient to patient.  We are giving the normal time required to cure an average patient.

Are you providing treatments for other ailments too?

We are providing treatments for other ailments too which are not money back guaranteed.

I would like to know some more details regarding the treatment. And I would like to consult your doctors.

You may contact us by phone, email or whatsApp we will give you full details.

Are you providing instant booking facility?

For booking please call us on Phone or Mobile