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Ayurveda, the world-renowned medicinal practice which is native to india has its origins rooted about 5,000 years long. Ayurveda, unlike the most conventional medical practices treats every patient differently accordind the needs of their bodies. yurveda believes in the “five elements” that constitute the universe and the human body. Ther are: Prithvi (earth), Jala (water), Agni (fire), Vayu (air) and Akasa (Sky). According to ayurveda there are three different types of human bodies (tridosha) that are function with the combination of these five elementsgeneallly people are a combination of two doshas (dwandvaja prakriti) or more.

  • Vata Prakruthi

Vata is the cosmic element of vaayu or air, Akasha. It controls all types of movements in the body. This is the kinetic force that enables all kinds of biological functions and the autofunctions of the body like never impulses, blood circulation , respiration , elimination and heart beat. Incase of an imbalance(vikruti), vata prakriti individuals , who are usually quick in their mental process and initiation of action tend to suffer from the diseases of the neurological system mostly seen during old age, which is calle d vata kala or the period of vata.

  • Pitta Prakruthi

  • Kapha Prakruthi

Omshree Sidha Hospital  located at kerala,which can be called as the ‘maiden name’ of Ayurveda,is an institution which has dedicated itself to the practice of Ayurveda.It is an institution that has practiced the traditional form of medicine passionately, as the major reason being its undisputed quality and its miracle like effectiveness. At Omshree Sidha Hospital (Ashram), We value and respect the path laid by our forefathers in this field of ayurveda by practicing and making contributions to this field,so that Ayurveda is made suitable and serves the modern day lives.

As you might already know, Ayurvedic treatments are the best for the treatment of a number of chronic conditions where the allopathic medicine or any other form of medicines does not prove to be effective. Ayurveda is known for the everlasting cure it promises. More over it is free from side effects. . Our patent medicine for Asthma and guaranteed cure for many such “incurable” medical conditions prove our merit. In fact, we also have money-back guarantee treatments for some ailments

Nature is what Ayurveda is all about. The environment in and around the place of treatment is a part of the treatment. The Omshree Sidha Hospital which is located in the lap of nature, is a beautiful, serene, silent green valley called Vayala, in the state of Kerala in India. The ambience and location of the institute provides the necessary environment for treating and curing every kind of health complaint. We,here at Omshree Sidha Hospital believe and trust in ayurveda and are confident of helping treating you to gain control of your health in body and mind with the help of the knowledge and experience passed on from generations of medical history. If you believe in nature’s power of curing, come to us, we are ready to make a new ‘you’ out of you. Ayurveda is the promise of a mother, the mother nature. Jose vaidhyan ,the present Head of Omshree Sidha Hospital who has fifty years of service, has now started the Omshree Sidha Pharmacy and Hospital to extend the services of ayurveda to a wide range of audience in need.